Welcome to the ERAP Results Portal

This portal houses the results for a variety of research programs done by BC Stats in partnership with the BC Public Service Agency, including:

  • Work Environment Survey (WES) an ongoing employee engagement program that equips organizations with information about the local work environment, what issues employees feel are important, and what areas need improvement.

  • Career Development and Opportunities Survey this survey gathered input from employees regarding their career aspirations, the career development resources and supports available to them and their perceptions of career opportunities in the BC Public Service.

  • Stress & Health Survey this survey gathered input from employees regarding stress, workload and well-being in the workplace, designed to help organizations understand what it means to have a healthy workplace in the BC Public Service.

  • Exit Survey an ongoing feedback program designed to provide stakeholders with an evaluation of why employees voluntarily leave the BC Public Service, thus facilitating future strategies for employee engagement and retention.

Unless otherwise noted, the reports available through this portal are only accessible by SHR representatives, Deputy Ministers and other members of the SHR community identified to the ERAP team. A wealth of other publicly-available analytic reports and user guides are also accessible through
the ERAP webpage.

If you have questions about the location of a document or any other inquiries, please email Work.Environment.Survey@gov.bc.ca.